SHORT re-entry for GREAT DEPRESSION 2 - finishing touch

Discussion in 'Trading' started by deadbroke, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Departure postponed by Dow taking out the 61.8% level strongly.
    See prev. thread here -



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    Short entry was on the 1st trendline break as indicated - Short is still on and loss is 6.6k and holding - see below for updated chart

    Just above where Dow ended for the week is the 78.6% level - he wants to go there. I will fuck him there by shorting him OR he will fuck me by going much higher causing me to TAKE MY LOSS which of course will send Lucrum and noddyboy into vaginal rapturous glee.

    The Chart below shows the 78.6% level that is pulling the Dow like a magnet now.

    Note that I certainly did NOT expect Dow to go this high - I fully expected a full-blown reversal at 61.8% - that's why I took the Short there.

    Will add to Short on first tick at 78.6% and will add much much much more to short on the major trendline break (the 2nd trendline)


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  2. TILT2


    GL with that.

    I started to short last Friday.
  3. Can anybody at ET make a call like this? We know that Lucrum cannot, but can his vagina with 17000 vaginal posts make such a call?

    No Ma, only deadbroke can make such a call at ET. Only deadbroke has the prescience.

    Expect bone to now accelerate his demands to Joe to ban deadbroke.

    Which call?

    The call on YEN aka USDJPY made on Oct 26, just 3 trading days ago, here ......

    10-26-11 12:10 AM

    Be alert for a rocket blast northbound on USDJPY (currently 75.94 on Oct 26-11)

    Movement above 77.6 is a LONG on Daily timeframe - hold for months once in.


    clues sent to me by the Rogue Wave, the US Dollar ..... Joe, the 3rd of 3rd cannot output max thrust without the firepower of the Yen factor in the Dollar Index.


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  4. I call range bound this week.....not breaking out or down.

    Fed's on Wed.

    Key economic data.

    End of the year buying.

    I am bearish as a bear can be....but I see no reason to short.

    EMU's news is positive, even though it will probably fall apart in a few months.

    Never the less, IMHO, the INDU will end above 12000 for the year.

    I'm looking to short...I have a nice bag of cash to throw down on the table.....but so far, not convinced we will see a trend reversal before end of the year.

    Last weeks rally blew all my "Magic Knowledge" out of the water..
  5. Reminder of the perspicuity of deadbroke

    10-26-11 12:17 AM

    Be alert for the Crude Oil Short re-entry below 93 on 1H but be cautious because she could still hit 94.98 before giving us a viable reversal to the short side.
  6. Oh Lord the prescience of deadbroke ....

    10-26-11 01:15 AM

    Dollar Index touches down on the Golden Ratio and begins to seriously build up some positive divergence.

    Load up, eat a good meal and be ALERT for the LONG. The 50 ma on 4H is the active trendline.
  7. Now hear this RETARDS, its Sunday, the market ain't even opened yet.

    Deadbroke knows his limitations .....

    if the Dow exceeds the 78.6% level shown in chart in this thread, and then hits 88.3%, that is deadbroke's limit of endurance.

    Deadbroke will then bow out gracefully and admit he is wrong. I fully expect to lose 10k plus in this battle. Its an occupational hazard.

    But think of the reward if I'm right - if my anal-ysis is correct then we are in wave 3 down already since May 2011. So with the current rally, when it reverses, it means we will be in the

    Magnificent 3rd of 3rd wave down -

    this is one portion of the wave that no surfer wants to ever miss - women just swoon and come in spasms when in the presence of a fellow who has the balls to take the plunge on the 3rd of 3rd.

    And dig this clowns, if the the 3rd of 3rd turns out to be thus, deadbroke will be counting rewards in 500 dollars per minute.

    That's why deady steps up to the challenge.

    Its the Wave of the Gods - the 3rd of 3rd is.

    Wish the dead one well, assholes.

    And when it comes to women remember this morons,

    A kiss is just shopping upstairs for downstairs merchandise.

  8. Don't forget elite idiots, the chinks, koreans, indians solved this but you clowns, the greatest country in the world hehehehehehe CANNOT - even given almost 2 years to do so

    I posted this math problem at ET 1-2 years ago and refreshed it several times but still nobody got it.

    I posted it on a financial chink, indian and korean board

    The winners came in thusly ....

    Indian board solved the problem in 2 days

    Chinks took 2 weeks

    Koreans took 3 weeks.

    Latinos asked or an extension of 2 centuries.


    for 12 -100 yr olds .....

    Try this one - if nobody gets it, answer will be posted 1 yr from today. No hints will be given.

    Starting from first principles and without the use of logarithmic tables, slide rules, computers, calculators etc., prove that

    cot 7.5 degrees = sqrt 2 + sqrt 3 + sqrt 4 + sqrt 6

    i.e. cotangent 7.5 degrees = square root of 2 etc.
  9. not that it matters , but i would have more respect for this crap if it were posted on friday after the close...

  10. Last week's rally tore me 2 new assholes - I would gladly give the 2nd one to Lucrum but he now already has 8.
    #10     Oct 31, 2011
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