Short POT

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  1. Bring on the landmines.....

    Thinking this was bubblicious. I got a good 3pts of cushion.
  2. S2007S


    cramer was hyping this one a few days ago when he predicted a huge rally in sure u saw the show.
  3. Really?

    I actually can't even watch him for entertainment purposes anymore. Makes me sick to my stomach just trying to figure out what actually goes through his mind.
  4. Short on Pot? Funny! :D
  5. If he said SELL POT, he would had the DEA knocking his door!
  6. gobar



    actually i bought put for MON and FCX.

    both are down and I sold MON.

    FCX was downgraded today.. if market goes 200 + fcx will be down huge..

    hope for 200+
  7. Thats what they said about the 4 horsemen. This is an overheld stock IMO, and is due for a larger correction.
  8. jsv416


    I agree, I am short mon and pot with a tight stop at highs, risky trade but the r/r is very good imo...
  9. Haha, he's talking about:

    Pot, a colloquial term for the drug cannabis (marijuana)

    I know a guy that they call him Harry Potter, and no he doesn't have a magic wand.
    Altough he feels like he can fly
  10. lol

    The stock. And yes, im up nicely on it. Covering 2/3 @ this support and holding the rest as a gapper.
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