Short Options Seller - Extremely Successful!!

Discussion in 'Options' started by jones247, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I need your help. I'm trying to locate the username of an individual who was very a successful trader here on ET. I believe that he implied that his primary strategy was short straddles or short strangles. I believe that he had several years of 100+% return on capital.

    I came across his posts several months ago... Although this is an extreme long shot, I'm hoping that it "rings a bell" with someone. I vaguely recall that he may have created a thread, but I'm not certain.


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    it works untill it doesn't and then you blow up ...
  3. probably 'riskarb', good journals from couple years ago. think he had a plethora of strats though not only short strangs
  4. thanks for your replies; however, I'm pretty sure it wasn't risk arb...

    sure, it works until it doesn't... I understand that most traders warn against short option positions. Nonetheless, I'm still interested in the gentleman's posts... IF I COULD JUST REMEMBER HIS NAME... aaarggh

    If I remember correctly, he has not posted in the last few years...

  5. well if its a real treasure hunt just search all the posts of rallymode, riskarb, optioncoach, iv_trader, dmo, sailing, maverick i'm sure their posts would be in the same threads as that trader, at least if its '05-'06, i read a lot of the threads from that time
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    Was it me?
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    You can say the same about every strategy. If you were long bank stocks, it worked for years, but in 2008 you would lose 70-90%. Risk management is the key to every strategy.
  8. WAS a really successfull Option seller a few years ago, havent heard from him since....... 1 + 1 = ?????????
  9. Bwahhahaha, you mean the guy who blew up and has brokers up his ass for money??

  10. you idiots are smoking some serious dope.

    no where will you ever see "riskarb" trading unbounded risk.

    get a fuckin' life.
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