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  1. I am an equities trader (from home) who only goes short. I have been trading for a few years, trade everyday, and never ever go long. I also cannot trade if someone else is in the room.

    Are there any other traders with these traits, or is everybody else more balanced and able to go both ways, and trade with someone peering over their shoulder.

    Anyone have short strategies they would care to share?

    I am a scalper, usually hold less than 10 minutes, and make money about 4 out of 5 days, and feel like a huge success when I am up on a day when the Dow climbs sharply.

    Since this is my first post, I would also like to say I have learned quite a lot from this board over the last few months since I discovered it.
  2. A shrink I know once told me about a guy who could only make
    left turns. It certainly made it harder to get where he wanted to be.
  3. Don't be ashamed to be a hetero only trader.

    Also, I tend to want to close the door when I do my business too.

    Nothing wrong with that, whatever works.
  4. I can't make a trade if someone is in my trading room, as for always wanting to short, thats a sign that you have spent too much time looking at P/E ratios.
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    Would you mind not posting Jabba the Hut's picture after your emails. It might have been funny once, but now it is just plain annoying.
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    I don't like to have people peering over my shoulder while trading. But I can't think of any other common event I feel that way about, ie., golf, gambling, yardwork. In each of these I am trying to do well also. Oh well.

    Love to short. Wanna go long, can't go long. Should go long, won't go long. Had to go to rehab to go long.

    Sometimes go long.

  7. I hate to bust your bubble, but that short only strategy is going to get you eventually. Learn to bat from both sides of the plate. :cool:
  8. When a pro athlete has a slice or is fumbling etc. they see a sports psychologist. I don't know if they have such a thing as psychologists for traders who want to break a bad habit, but the world could sure use one. I got a few habits I need to break too.

    Humm, maybe acupuncture.

    When you are covering a short, just keep buying and see how you do, you obviously are thinking that the downward trend is over. Or do you even want to learn to go long.
  9. Oh I know I should go long, I just find I can't. I would like to know how Jordan did it.

    If I could go long, obviously I could make twice as much return.
  10. just curious, shorty - do you trade the same exact stocks day in, day out, or do you scan and trade different stocks every day, or do you rotate stocks every couple of weeks?

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