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  1. i am short oil from 56.30 and speculate that it will be @ or near 50.00 within the month.


  2. Ditch


    Elephant balls!:D

  3. thanks :D
  4. But Surf, I thought you always pay close attention to the trend :D :D :D


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    funny, rearden, funny !

    have a great weekend !
  6. Knew that would entertain you. Now I have three reasons to strongly hope oil goes down:

    1) It's what's best for the U.S. economy.
    2) Less money going to the peace loving Muslims.
    3) Surf is short.

    Have a great weekend yourself. :cool:
  7. It is time to take a serious step back from the table Surf, I'm dead serious. Take a year or two, do something completely different. Seriously, you've recently begun to 'sound' like a junkie without a clue.

    And no, I'm not even talking about shorting oil. I think you are several weeks too early on oil, but that's just me. :)

    Btw, sure hope you didn't mean 'within the month' of March. That would be .... Yikes.
  8. I just love it when entire groups of people are lumped together based on their religion.
  9. Islam isn't just a religion, but a nihilistic philosophy.
    If I had said "Less money going to the freedom loving communists", you wouldn't have batted an eye.
  10. Wrong... but I will leave to a chit chat thread for some other time. I'm a meditator. I believe in unified consciousness. That we are all one regardless of our beliefs. I believe in God but don't favor any one religion and have studied all the major ones. I don't see any difference between Islam and the evolution of Christianity or Judaism.

    You are mistaking the political agenda of a few motivated by the false promise of the wealth of oil masking themselves by the use of a religion. This is much the same as all other "holy wars" in man's history. It is just a part of our collective consciousness and our evolution as a human race.

    As a trader, I know that things aren't what they seem much like a huge bid in the book by someone who is really trying to sell a better price. We must see thru the games and propaganda and examine the true intent at hand.

    Lumping "freedom-loving communists" or any other group would have gotten the same comment from me. So, no. I am not partial.

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