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  1. Our Oil shorts finally triggered @ 54.70. short oil here.

    JG, financier
  2. long from the open.
    Good Luck
  3. right into the report...
  4. motrader1


    5470 high of the day in July contract.

    Where are you short from?

    What is risk/reward of your trade?

    I could make a case for a short term sell. Longer term looks like up trend has resumed.

  5. uncannily, we caught the top. holding shorts here.
  6. yes???

    oil to $60 this week.....

    ca chingo$$
  7. yes. oil will be down this week.

  8. Might I ask what the expected time horizon on your shorts is?

  9. i dont trade oil with time constraints. short oil here and expecting sub 50.

    market l.
  10. whats the deal? still short? tia
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