SHORT oil @$125.55 and up

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  1. I will keep trading Oil SHORT all the way up - going for the next short term pullback. Any pullback to $112.00 will be the key to watch and see if I hold for additional downside play. Had a very good CD divergence signal to get short for this last spike move in crude.
  2. Great strategy. Let us know when you have no more money left.
  3. Not a losing trade in all my oil trading this year - you need to do some "search" work here at ET before you make your judgements.
  4. jasonjm


    I got floor fills for july 119 puts, averaging 3.25

    TP $7
  5. This is elite trader. No one loses money. Ever.
  6. Yes - you did playing the broken BULL this year LONG.
  7. So my last big oil SHORT play I already knew oil would drop over $11 a barrell AFTER I posted my entries - hmmmm :confused:

    Gotcha! :D
  8. this comment just made me laugh for some reason. i needed that thanks
  9. No he didn't....he doesn't trade real money.
  10. I am now holding 125.85 and 126.15 levels with my original 125.55 entry covered at 125.00 (flat plus $.55 per contract). I have standing orders to add to my new position at 126.45, 126.75, 127.05, and 127.35

    When oil trades at $112.95 (July08 Contract) I will start taking profits and analize the situation for a $112 area potential bust.
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