Short now when you still have the chance

Discussion in 'Economics' started by niteowl8, Aug 6, 2009.

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  2. I doubt it, a pull back you bet, a crash I doubt it.
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    Short as soon as I decide to get rid of all my SPX puts, that will be the trigger for a collapse. Better yet, wait until I sell them and go long.:(
  5. I'm sure if you did that overlay with the rise up from 2003 it would look the same as well, but in 2003 it kept going higher.

    Will that happen again, not sure.
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  7. it's never the same dance twice in a row
  8. A 50 point retrace of ES back down to 940-950 would be very healthy.'

    People want to talk the market down, it needs to go down some.
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    I don't think he's taking into consideration the FED pumping the market. That wasn't a factor in 1929, but is now. This fake money rally can go as long as Bernanke is turning the money crank. You keep giving your kid money to buy candy and they'll just keep buying it. Or am I looking at it wrong?
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