Short note to Mr. K

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Do you like the excessive posting by Mr. kanellop?

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  1. Yes

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  2. No, please stop

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  1. Mr. kanellop.

    Every forum has, at one time or other guys like you that need attention or need to be a teacher.

    George, this forum is not the venue for this.

    Fill your need to teach elsewhere, if you feel this information is valuable, go and start a blog and charge for subscriptions, this is a model that works for many.

    Stop posting threads here that monopolize the forum.

    The power of a forum is that there are many voices.

    Thank you.
  2. 1) 1-2? :confused:
    2) Kanellop is the guy who brings a lot of green bean casseroles to the pot luck supper while everyone else shows up empty-handed. Without him, this forum would be dormant, just as you were for about 4 years. :cool:
  3. I actually like to read all those stories here, although I find them elsewhere. As previously suggested elsewhere, keeping them in one thread would be cool.
    As also previously noted, a mod should have "suggested" this solution a while ago; it would have gone down a lot better and it would have done what a mod is supposed to do: keep it orderly.
    As for "excessive" posting, well that one cries out for definition.
  4. Bob111


    folks..have you noticed that all his threads are in ag. futures? and they all exactly about that?(ag. futures)?

    it would be ok to complain,if he is all over this place,but he isn't..
    i'm fine with it..leave the guy alone..he is only one,who is talking about drouth back in fucking march or about you?
  5. I just wanted to cut thru the BS cut n paste spam and find out about physical grain trading.

    Sorry if some feel that I am not "contributing" by way of cutting and pasting articles of limited utility found on every major news site and subsequently posting them here.

    As for not posting much, I have been trading spot forex and metals for years and don't/didn't have anything really to chat with anyone about, just going about my business. The financial spot market is much more clear to me than physical soft commodity trading is, hence a long hiatus on elitetrader.
  6. Bob111


    hey..he is openly sharing his resources..the decisions-they are UP TO can buy grains,short oil -whatever..

    now ..if you know nothing about all this and where would you look for an info? it takes time to find all those sources...
    he is kind enough to share and he is kind enough to point numerous times that the shit storm is coming..what else are asking for?
    once again-there is nothing wrong with that..if you guys are unhappy-walk away or became a moderator and delete his s**t..

    wtf-i didn't contribute a thing to ET for decade... of being here..feel free to delete all my posts and ban me forever..i don't give a fuck if you are unable to find a truth between the lines..

    yeah..stick with shit like 10K to 10T in 1 year...yeah...that's a really good shit to read..fuck yeah...
  7. Joe


    If you do not like a users posting style, please put them on ignore.
  8. BSAM


    Been here since '99.
    Never heard of this Mr. K till today.
    Yeah, if you don't like him, don't read him.
    I got two or three that I just scroll past when I see their nonsense.
    It's quite easy.