Short NILE???

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by rc5781, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. rc5781


    anyone thinking about shorting? looks like it's ramping into earmings just like RVBD, JDSA, and BWLD....and they all tanked hard...
  2. JDSA ? You make that symbol up ?

    You forgot to add GRMN, it was ramping into earnings too.
  3. rc5781


    uh, obvious typo, jsda...

    also, garmin reported aug 1 bmo...the session before july 31st they were down...
  4. Talk about seeing what you want to see !

    If JSDA was a "ramp up" then it's time for me to retire.

    Now GRMN was a real ramp up, and then they reported earnings.
    Just look at the chart before talking out of your ass.
  5. rc5781


    you're not understanding my point...i'm looking at the session RIGHT BEFORE THEY REPORT....
  6. Oh, and this is the session right before nile reports ?

    GRMN was ramping up like no tomorrow.
    Stop being an idiot and seeing what you only want to see.
    GRMN was parabolically ramping up RIGHT BEFORE THEY REPORT.
    Look at the chart and admit it.
  7. rc5781


    I'm looking at NILE on Monday (the session right before earnings since they report amc on monday), might short it if i see like a +5% gain on monday...

    And Garmin WAS down the session before earnings, now who's seeing what they want to see?
  8. Is this site full of pikers or what ?

    This joker starts a thread about stocks ramping into earnings.

    He cites jsda. Ugh.

    He says that grmn was not ramping into earnings. ugh ugh.
  9. rc5781


    you are now officially an idiot...