Short Netflix (NFLX)

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  1. They were expected to beat expections but only meet. The price has dropped 13% in AH after the release. The chart has reversed course and looks ugly!

    Looks like a good short canidate. Price target $25.
  2. made me laugh
  3. FWIW, I really like their service ... guess it's not about buying the stocks of services that you like anymore, huh? :D
  4. Damn, tried to short NFLX before the close, but couldn't borrow any and didn't want to bother with options. Ooops.
  5. *expectations

    I shouldn't try to start a thread when running out the door for a meeting.
  6. Wow down 14%

    Either you knock it out of the field or go down in flames

    there is no middle ground.
  7. The nice up trend was destroyed in AH
  8. this is a good long investment when it drops a bit further. There is currently no service out there that can even come close to netflix. Their recently add new feature of watching movies online streaming places them well ahead of the pack for the future (5-7 years from now).

    Blockbuster is getting their ass kicked and with them trying to buy circuit city (WTF?!) it will fall further.

    There was a time when netflix future looked dim with blockbuster, walmart etc..all jumping on the online movie rental business...but they all failed miserably.

    $27-30 looks like a nice entry price.
  9. If you think there is no other service like Netflix involving renting or watching digital movies then you are technologically way behind the times. The reason NFLX [edited for correctness] probably lowered guidance is because so many other outlets exist to get digital movies. Comcast and DirectTV offer HD movies on demand, kiosks in most Harris Teeters for $1 a day movies, iPod, Blockbuster and a few other places all doing something similar.

    Sounds like you are talking your position after taking a hit.
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