Short MET NOW!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by sachtaridiscom, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. ... at $21 and earn one dollar per stock real fast! (within the next couple of days)!
  2. This guy is likely an insider and knows something we don't. Let's short it and we'll ll make profit. Hell even with this post the SEC would not be able to prove shit anyway.
  3. Not an insider. An (adept or not; the future will prove) 'proprietary' technical analyst!
  4. Good cover story.


    Short Away!
  5. It is 3:17 pm EST and the buck for each MET short stock is ALREADY in your pockets!
    Ain't that _amazing_?!??
  6. i shorted MET here. Already in the money 1 dollars. Seems to be falling faster than other banks... may be a good spread coming up
  7. dstod


    I love this play.. going to buy puts on this tomorrow-- hopefully i can get involved over $20
  8. Not necessarily... My predictions are no longer valid once the target price (in this case $20) is attained. It was attained, so...'game over' on this.
    I will probably post new predictions soon, but with this one you're on your own from this point on.