short, long or both?

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  1. It seems many traders only long and never short
  2. You have to do both to have a prayer of longterm survivorship.
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    good job. thanks. well constructed poll choices, how about add a "none"?!

    voted for "both".

  4. Hermit,

    Where do you hang out at to think MANY TRADERS only go Long and never Short ?

    I am very curious where you got your information.

  5. Many of my friends and relatives (at least 20 of them) only buy stocks, gold or bonds and never go short. When I say we can go short to take advantage of the declining market, they look at me like look at a Mafia! :D

    Even Peter Lynch said futures, options & short sell should be outlawed and they have no constructive meaning to the society!
  6. just another edge for you, my friend...

    i prefer to be short, so i'm pretty much always net short, while buying dips in stronger stocks to hedge whenever i get caught in a rising market...which happens constantly lately...
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    Hermit, all these relatives and friends of yours must all have lost money if they're only on the long side. Listen these people who say only buy stocks want it that way so they can take your money. By now you should have learnt from the last two years most of those telling everyone to buy , buy, buy were really selling to them If you listen to Maria Bar she always quotes so and so saying they are playing this or that stock and it goes up for half an hour then it tanks and they make their money.
  8. Wasn't it Mr. Lynch that caused those exasperated gasps from Future's traders the morning after he sold half of the Dow off?
  9. Where and when did he say that? I can't imagine him ever writting those words or saying that. I think that is a miss attributed to him.

  10. The book : One Up on Wall Street
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