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    Where can I find the Short interest in real time or for today. all I can find is 15/30 days ago.

    Thank you
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    You have to pay for it.
    Of course this thread is bait.....
    but offers it up pretty cheap.
    There's the free ad you were looking to generate I suspect.
    Love the nickname... "use em".
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    I am not looking to generate any ad, not a bait, real question. thank for the answer. you can delete your answer if you think that... :)
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  6. How do you derive short interest information in real time, when they are only officially reported twice monthly according to FINRA regulations and there is a delayed dissemination date also of this information?

    I assume people who offer such services must run some in house algorithm based on various assumptions? What do they look at? Stock lending inventory from major inventory pools? Access to broker information on client's positions?

    I mean, how do you look at how a stock trades and go "oh yeah today there is this much short interest", when this information is only provided twice monthly according to FINRA regulations?

    Shares are fungible. How can you tell it's a short sale vs a liquidation sale just by reading the tape?
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    I always wondered that myself. But they have been around a long time, for whatever thats worth. I have considered joining but never have. Maybe their website spells it out.
  8. I know that some self regulatory organizations and exchanges report daily short sale VOLUME. This is free to view.

    E.g. from FINRA reporting on each exchange: or for BATS

    But I don't know how that equates to short sale OPEN INTEREST. I mean, I can short and cover a million times in a day and the volume should show a million but open interest zero by day's end.

    I don't know if those services claim to provide open interest or volume. I think the former. For the former about open interest, I don't know how they derive this prediction.
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    Good link to bookmark:
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    I'm using for the bi-weekly short interest data for $30/month. Does anyone have a better source for this data? I don't believe that Finra publishes the bi-weekly interest data (only the regsho daily short volume data).
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