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    Would anyone know of a free site where there is a listing of the stocks with the highest short interest ratio?
  2. you might want to try the free msn stock screener. there is a criteria for short ratios as well as a lot of other screens. its good and its free.
  3. Try Barron's every month when the Short Interest comes out.

    Either that, or head to your local library for a back issue that is on file.
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  5. with a 50%+ short ratio has to have one of the highest.
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  7. link only shows data from 1 yr ago ???

    who is the first to show the new FEB SI #'s ?

    and will they come out this week ?
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    Thanks for all the replies.
    It turns out that the MSN Finance stock screener is a great tool. Thre are oodles of stocks with double digit ratios. One has to be careful though because some of them are traded so thinly that the ratio is totally distorted.

    From today on I am interested in liquid stock with high short int ratio.