Short interest on NYSE remains at highest levels in last 3 years

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  1. Apologies in advance for my naivety with regard to “Short Interest”, but is there any breakdown of how much “short interest” is in the hands of retail traders, money managers, broker-dealers, etc? And of how these proportions change from period to period?
    Retail INCREASING and Broker-dealer DECREASING -> probability of short squeeze increasing
    Retail DECREASING and Broker-dealer INCREASING -> probability of short squeeze decreasing
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    Do you really think that retail shorts in significant quantity to make a difference?

    I'd much rather have daily short interest reporting instead of the bullshit delay we have today.
  3. No, I have no idea ... which is why I asked.

    But the wonderful thing about ET is that there are so many experts on hand to put matters right.

    So how significant is it?
  4. 1. Retail short interest is identified prey. Generally under-capitalized with too large positions. All in all...........predictable. October adds influence.

    2. What "counts" is NYSE specialist short interest with data delayed 2 weeks.

    3. The fascination with short selling for a maximum unlevered 100% is itself, fascinating.

    The premise of the thread is correct.
  5. If you were going to go long a stock would the short interest influence your trading decision to buy?
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    If the premise is correct then prove it by showing the correlation between retail short interest and market returns.

    Oh, and where one can find those figures too...

    IMHO, I doubt that retail short interest is ever a significant fraction of total SI.
  7. Sir, your opinion is anything but humble.
  8. Not necessarily. It's an ingredient, but NOT automatic rocket fuel.

    The context of this thread is AGGREGATE short interest.
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    Honest opinions are not necessarily humble.
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