Short GS Long XLF, trade of the month?

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    spread may narrow, they cant escape from this unharmed can they?profit potential is not big, maybe with SSFs
  2. Some combination of that is a good idea. XLF is one interesting trade, the close was not pretty though.
  3. 10:05[GS] New accounting rule for risky assets won't hurt firm:Goldman
    10:03[GS] Goldman CEO says firm is not going to take big writedown
    10:02[GS] Goldman CEO says firm is net short in mortgage markets
  4. of course not, they were probably on the other side of this fiasco
  5. Don't be fooled by GS. They are the next shoe to drop once they are exposed. Don't get decieved by the public media and believe the crap they tell you.

    11/13/2007 12:11 PM Buy To Open GPY XD 8 $10.50 $8,433.99

    I expect GS and the market to rally and put a $190 handle on it by next month when the shit hits the fan with them.
  6. LOL GS will go to 250 easily. So much negativity, so many great buying opportunities.

    GS is run by the smarterst people in the world. There will be no meltdowns or major writeoffs.
  7. What?? This thread is so stupid I can't believe my eyes.

    GS has been shorting the financials and housing sectors. All this bad news is good news to them. They're on the right side of the market... you're running in front of a train.

    Use some simple thought and don't buy into the wall street rumors. Short Merrill or Bear Sterns or a firm that messed up horribly.
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    heres what one analyst said about GS
    "Over the last three years, Goldman Sachs reported net income totaling $19.6 billion. On the basis of these "profits," the managers took their bonuses and their glory as Wall Street's smartest investment bank. Meanwhile, Goldman produced no net cash flow. In fact, cash flow over the last three years is negative $93.6 billion. There's a $113.2 billion disparity between the amount of cash the company produced from operations and the amount of profits it claimed via its accounting. Even when you factor in all of the returns from its investments (which produce negative operation cash flow), you still end up with a net negative number... –$800 million. I've got no doubt that Goldman has the world's smartest accountants. In fact, I wonder how many of them used to work at Enron..."

  9. I expect them to come public soon enough with their news. I'll be a buyer at $180.
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