Short Google, MA, AAPL AND RIMM

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, May 31, 2007.

  1. Tommorrow is June 1st which will be the start of a new time in the market. These stocks have come too far and it feels like a bubble. Everyone is seemingly piling in on full margin trying to get aboard. I say its time, time to short these momo stocks.

    Each one has appeared on Businessweek which is a classic sign to short. Steve Jobs with his hands out, looking all gay, is on the front page of Businessweek. When the CEO of Marvell appeared in a similiar manner exactly one year ago today, it was a sign to short that thing back into the pinks.

    Today I say is the turning point, but I will not fade the short. I will wait patiently until its time, until the trend truly turns. I feel its soon. The line in the sand is now drawn. This far, no further.
  2. We can also add Force Protection, Trina Solar and Spartan Motors to the list. Sorry Stoney, someone needs to take a stand.
  3. I would so badly want to add RSH to this list. Out of all the stocks that are shamefully higher it is this one that so belongs on the short list. Everytime I go by one of their stores in NYC, I feel like I need to short RSH. I want to go in to that one near broad and wall, buy a large megaphone and yell at everyone how it seems so right to short RSH.

    At last though, I have a feeling Radioshack goes higher. The day will come RSH when I will be there waiting for you and I will be the first to throw some short shares onto my account. grrrrrrr....waiting, so patiently waiting.
  4. Dude I dont know how long you have participated in the markets, but June is the end of the second quarter.

    If you think the fund managers are going to let this market drop , well think again.
  5. Oh wait, Im not done and I know you want me to be done. We just added some short shares of IBKR to the account today. Interactive Brokers, shame on you. Shame shame on you. Overpricing the IPO, selling shares of the IPO on and then having worst conference call that I have ever heard. For shame!!! FOR SHAME!!!
  6. You can add your over-valued piece of shit AMZN to your funeral pyre while your at it!!
  7. You were shorting it at $28, remember? *yawn*
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    radioshack is pathetic, ever walk in to one of those places.....i dont know how the stock price even holds up where it does.
  9. I HATE that company...but their stock is not something you can just short because you hate just keeps moving. The other concern I'd have with that company is that it's the perfect profile of an LBO. It's market cap isn't too much, it makes money, they have stores everywhere, etc.

    I'd be tempted to buy some cheap puts way OTM that could be a jumbo bonus if the market melts and takes RSH with it...but shorting it seems really sketchy to me.
  10. Radioshack is a ones goes to radio shack anymore. The store is tiny selection. They still sell those 15 inch VCR TV combo sets. RC cars and other crap. Its amazing the stock even trades at all.
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