SHort going into the fed meeting

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  1. I may get my ass handed to me a bit but I took a small short position on the QQQQ at 49.02 going into the fed decision. There has been a steady rise over the last week and I think that even if the fed does drop the rate by ½ a point the market will still sell off at some point today. I am hoping for no change or just a ¼ point move which will for sure mark a sell off. Any thoughts ?? I do not want a rate cut , I have to much money sitting in CD’s :-}
  2. i think were gonna get a cut :)

    good luck $$ all or nothign trades are awesome
  3. Savers are punished and risk takers are rewarded.
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    Should have went with PSQ, no need to short QQQQ when you can trade PSQ instead.

    If there is no change expect these gains to head south in a matter of seconds, could close down over 100+ points.... if there is a 1/4 point cut I think the markets will close .5-1% higher, a 50 Basis points cut and I think the DOW can add on 250+ points.

    I would think a .25 cut is most likely, however they should not cut to begin with.
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    You better be hoping for .25 because .50 IS NOT HAPPENING.
  6. I see the PSQ is the short way to do the QQQQ . Same effect shorting the QQQQ or buying the PSQ I would think ??
  7. yes
  8. i wouldve bought a couple puts, this is a more of a lotto play
  9. “Savers are punished and risk takers are rewarded.”

    Sad but true . Screw the litte guy to bail out the rest .
  10. QID has better volume.

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