Short GBP/CHF and EUR/NOK now !

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Marsupilami, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Do it ! No fear !:D
  2. Short GBP/CHF @ 2.3560

    Short EUR/NOK @ 8.4100

    If these trades work out, I'm gonna buy myself a new pair of shoes !:D
  3. ouch....the EUR/NOK is ultra - thin, hihi, but anyways, I'm still in.
  4. Yawn...closed all positions for a loss. What a fool I am.
  5. Do you not think now may be a good time to get short on GBP/CHF? I think it's correcting an uptrend right now, and I'm looking for a target around 2.3330...this little run-up it's had looks like a prime spot to get short. What do you think?
  6. Hm...why not ? I'm short, too. But this time, on my demo account again. This time probably it'll work out :mad:.

    I realise that trading the way I trade won't lead anywhere... maybe I should get some proper trading lessons in the UK...
  7. What was the way that you were trading, and why won't it work?
  8. The technique I have been using lately is combining trendlines with EMAs...when a suport or resistance level is broken and a 52 EMA is crossed at (nearly) the same time, I would enter the trade... using this strategy on the Nikkei 225 (SGX), I've had some nice returns for some time and then gave it all back...probably too simplistic, my method. I think I was fooled by randomness... Right now, I am playing around with Gartley patterns and looking to trade on higher time frames of 1 h and upwards...we'll see. The Nikkei is nice though, when it trends, it trends. The GBP/CHF also trends very well, as you have probably noticed...very dangerous thing to look for tops and bottoms in this cross, hihi.:D