Short for Tomorrow in NQ

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Winston, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Winston


    Looking for feedback as to my reasoning. Fridays run-up was on light/avg vol, not what I'd expect for a 40+ pt move in the naz and have it sustainable. Todays tight range and closing at the low which for the naz is a R area would lead to a soft opening. Folks still jittery from current downturn and next strong S for NQ at 1460 was my reasoning for a small short position overnight. Comments please.
  2. With so much money being dumped into mutual funds last week, any shorts I take are going to be little drinks from the fire hose.
  3. Winston


    but aren't we witnessing sector rotation out of tech? And what r your thoughts on original reasoning?
  4. I personally believe its gonna be a super short-life trade. Only keep the short opened only shortly. Good luck.
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    Where can i find information about mutual finds inflow/outflow?

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