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  1. I mailed out holiday packages via Fedex. When I checked my online credit card statement I found these guys double billed me on my corporate account on many of the shipped items. First they took out the money on the day after the items were shipped, then every double-billed item was charged again exactly 7 days later.

    On top of all the double charges, it also seems they can not locate a $600.00 gift item. Second time their temporary drivers have stolen one of my shipments. Happened last year also.

    I'm going to short sell this P.O.S stock because fraud always permeates from the top.

    If they're pulling this type of small time theft, who knows what else the management is doing.

    Short sell the 90 bids and buy the 75 offers for 15% gain.

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  2. I would say a target price in the mid 70s in a time period of 6-12 months. Short all rallies.
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  3. 6 to 12 months?!

    More like within 3 months.

    Mid 70's?

    I already mentioned 75. Look at the chart I posted, 75 is marked.