Short facebook. On Nov 14th, it will be trading under $10

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  1. 1.2 billion shares in locks up expire then. Has there ever been a company in history where 50% of all the outstanding shares were unlocked on a single day? Even if zuckerberg keeps his promise and doesnt sell till sept. 2013, its still what...800 million shares that are potentially going on the market that day? As of right now Nov $16 put options are asking .05. A $100 spec bet could potentially net you $12,000.
  2. If it can break past the 21$ resistance before then I will be in for some puts :)
  3. It's actually 777M unlocking on Nov 14, with 504M of them owned by Zuckerberg who's not selling, so there's really only 273M potentially being sold. Not much different from last week's 234M.
  4. Zuckerberg only owns a total of 500 million shares though...are you sure that all those shares are his only that are unlocking?
  5. I just checked...only 60 million are available for zuckerberg to sell on Nov 14th. And Forbes says the number is 1.2 billion shares are eligible for sale from other investors.
  6. EDIT: I think you're right. That 777M excludes Zuckerberg's 504M.
  7. i think you mean support not resistance - correct me if i'm wrong

    there is twin support of the 20 and 50 dma right there at ~20.5 so i wouldn't be shorting now - either wait for a move back up to the mid twenties or short below 20

    re buying the FB NOV 16 PUT - you know (not directed to sudo) there are only 12 days til expiry - why not try for the JAN or MAR 2013
  8. Trust me I know the 19th would better yet worse for fb.
  9. Sorry, I can not accept your decision directly. If you can explain it, I can think about more than now.
  10. I did not think to do this yet.
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