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    gang banger got knifed to death by a visitor to a neighbor's house last night. I heard a commotion and it sounded like somebody was getting hurt so I called 911. He was knifed and kept repeating "Damn, Nigga". When I heard him I didn't even know he was dying but after the fact I realized that he knew he was hurt bad and the fight was out of him.... I think that possibly they were still shivving him, he was making a lot of noise, he bled out while I was waiting for the police, nobody did anything to stop him from dying afaik, I was not going out there for anything, I didn't recognize a single voice so I stayed safely in the house, they were killing the guy and telling him off too, loudly, they really must have had it with the guy, I don't know what brought him up here.... they towed his 82 Olds away and the coroner's van took the body eventually.... I slept only half the night and had nightmares about the guy bitching at me because he died...... I think he really may have still been around the neighborhood unable to get over the fact that he was dead if there is any truth to those kinds of stories... I'm depressed today but probably tomorrow things will be returning to normal... the police interviewed me twice, I suppose I might be called to testify but they seemed to think it's open and shut, they arrested one guy, probably got a confession or witnesses that could actually see what happened to tell them stuff..... the fire department and hazmat people washed up the street, the blood was all over when they were hosing it down the first time, then the hazmat guys sprayed some foamy or soapy looking stuff on the scene.....

    If I can't get over the depressed mood I'm in should I get drunk, talk to a bartender maybe? I can't stand psychologists, it's so incredibley boring talking about oneself.......
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    There were these two college kid gang banger wannabees that moved into my apartment building. They were white and loved to invite the Latino gang bangers over to their apartment. One night, a couple of weeks after they had moved in, I heard the sounds of fists crushing bone and then nothing. A few minutes later an ambulance and the cops arrive, and college boy goes out in the ambulance. I hear the cops telling college boy number two to come out and identify the attackers. college boy whines in protest that he doesn't want to, but eventually does anyway.

    I don't know if college boy number one survived or not, nor do I care. Gang bangers get what they want - beaten, killed, jailed. There's no need to get depressed over it. In fact, that dead neighbor of your's would have eventually killed those other gang bangers if he had been able to get the drop on them.
  3. If I can't get over the depressed mood I'm in should I get drunk, talk to a bartender maybe?

    You have empathy, someone died and you feel something. Congrads, you're normal. You called 911, that's about the end of your civic responsibility, under the circumstances.
  4. I'd be talking to a real estate agent.
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    Thanks much, I got some sleep, things seem more normal today... bottom feeder got wasted, he can serve as an excellent bad example for kids in the neighborhood.. this is a weird town, murder rate running 15 per 100,000 for the year so far..... for photography it's fantastic with the sunrises and sunsets when clouds roll in. We spend weekends elsewhere for the most part... and we don't piss off the several varities of drug transporters/dealers that have come to know and love our little corner of the world..... which we will be vacating soon I'm sure :D
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    i've read many of your posts .... what you need to do is find a field fillled only with flowers and birds ... this should allow you to sit and think about what is important ... Next winter all of the flowers will be dead, and most of the birds .....

    you need to get the hell out of dodge, ...
  7. Yeah, blood is a total bitch to clean.

    Well, to bad this shit happened, but......shit happens.
    I was compelled to intervene in a vehicular assualt (attempted murder by local law) once, maybe similiar, except the mobile was out of range, no landline.
    Cop said to me, "get a phone", sure, it works.
    Wouldnt have helped the chump getting run down, but still.

    For that matter, if the homicidal driver hadnt tried to run me down, forcing me to jump the bonnet and take out the windscreen, there could well have been an amicable solution all around I am certain, in that instance.

    But, that question always crops up, WHEN do you call emergency, at law, when you would be mother teresa facing life to "intervene" for someone elses benifit, in most circumstances.
  8. There are things to be depressed about and the death of a gang banger ain't one of them.
  9. Short story told to me re "wanna be gangsters". No such thing as a wanna be. 28 kids start 7th grade with "colored" rags in their pocket, at the end of the school year 7 were left. Juvee hall, expelled, etc. Although they were young and we call them wanna be's, they are just marking time, waiting for the opportunity to be a "real" gang banger.
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    ive seen gangbangers stab a guy to death in front of hundreds of witnesses ( 8th street carnival circa 90's ). I've seen a guy being pulled out of the bay at the dinner key marina with a bullet hole in his forehead ( circa 80's big drug violence then ). I've seen 5-6 beat a guy with a bat ( youth fair circa late 80's ). I've seen a free concert by Y-100 on south beach behind the shelbourne have to come to screaching halt because a fight broke out with hundreds upon hundreds of people fighting , getting stabbed, throwing bottles and people running in fear ( that was scary to say the least ). I've seen acts of road rage that would make people not want to even look at the car next to them :p . All of them over pretty much absolutely nothing if you ask me...crazy world out there and its only getting crazier....peace and be very careful...
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