short EURO:USD

Discussion in 'Forex' started by killthesunshine, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. now

    short term trade

  2. Stok


    Even short EUR/CHF for longer term trade :)
  3. Surdo


    Any particuliar price?

    It's only up 349 PIPS today with a 503 range asshole!
  4. yea at the freakin TOp :D

    is that clear enuf/?

    my call was real-time,

    ib cant do better than that if i was 777 himself:D

    i/m already in the $ short so dont chase me :cool:
  5. Surdo


    Then post the price when you announce the trade.
    An ET times stamp does not quite cut it.
  6. ok, fair enough.

    what's wrong with the stamp?
  7. I exited long @ 12994 but didn't have the balls to go short.
  8. suks to be you :D
  9. zwib


    good job, looks like it is working for now.

    I got hurt when it started going up (early this morning) so I had to take a loss. Should have seen it coming lol. I was watching it...waiting for it to stop going up...and it wasn't happening. So I just got out and it continued to go way up. Oh well, tomorrow is another day :D
  10. PaulRon


    i like 1.28 for take profit on shrots and reverse long.
    #10     Nov 4, 2008