SHORT EURO !!! Germany try to implement penal servitude in Europe,

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Salmon, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Salmon


    like in second world war. Kill their economy, short Euro !!!
  2. xiaodre


    are you crazy or something?
  3. Haley12


    Why are you against Euro?
  4. Salmon


    EU "Germany" implement these penal servitude in Hungary and from the year 2012 in Czech republic. Unemployed people must on penal labour. Also Eu wants to subsidize european companies in order to avoid bankruptsy. European union is before bankruptcy. Short Euro!
  5. Haley12


    Hi Salmon, Can you share online source from where you found this news? It may be more useful to know more about it.
  6. Wake up !

    There is no online source that says this is happening, hes a fear mongering drama queen. He was probably wearing a cute dress and knee highs when he posted this crap on here.

    you guys are so gullible...
  7. Salmon


    I live in Czech republic, so i know what is happening here and in neighbouring countries. Germany try to establish fascism in Europe!!! Here, in Czech republic government took handicapped and uneployed people allowance to try liquidate these people and from 2012 is introducing penal servitude !!!
  8. zdreg


    links please.
  9. Salmon


  10. wake up and pee, the world is on fire!!
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