SHORT EURO !!! EU commision pushes 40% quota for women on boards

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Salmon, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Salmon


    Europe’s listed companies will be forced to reserve at least 40 per cent of their non-executive director board seats for women by 2020 or face fines and other sanctions under a proposal being drafted by the European Commission.
  2. Short ?

    Woman >> things go up,no ? :D

  3. You are a RETARD..
  4. zdreg


    is that your way of killing the messenger? obviously, it is time for u to look in the mirror.
  5. Lucrum


    So at this point it's just a proposal? A rather stupid and intrusive proposal. But even if enacted I don't how this will have any significant bearing on the EUR. The EU is pretty fucked up already. Would this really make much difference?
  6. Geez... anybody besides me tired of this "artificial quota crapola"? Gotta have so many Hispanics, Blacks, Women, Fat People, Queers... blah, blah.

    No wonder America is going to shit!

    "Succeed or not based upon your own merits".. THE AMERICAN WAY! NATURE'S WAY!

    :mad: :mad:
  7. What a fucking joke. They should fine companies that hire women. THEY SUCK AT LEADERSHIP DUH! But they (people with no balls) will never ask themselves if really they are just inferior. Stupid socialists!

    People say America is becoming Europe, but if this happened in the states there would be political blood in DC. A direct intrusion on the Constitution!

    But I digress.

    BTW- did anybody notice that half of the people Obama invited to the white house are women are black? I wonder if he knows that Xerox fucking sucks and that dumb woman sucks? :D

  8. I agree. Women are evil. That's why I don't marry them anymore. But if you need someone who is cruel and heartless to go in and clean somebody out, they can be very efficient.

  9. speaking out of personal experience ? :p
  10. it takes an extremely wonderful woman to be the faithful wife of a farmer, policeman, truck driver, or soldier in the military.

    If you're just a scumbag gambling trader, you're probably not going to get one.

    Once I had a girlfriend that was so liberal, she thought crude oil and stocks were the devil. Everything I put on I had to put on behind her back without her knowing about it.

    The funny thing is, that's when I finally started making big money on position trades. All I had to do was sleep with her and fade her.
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