short eur/short usd

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  1. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner

    here's one you can stay with for a while

    no stops

    but take your losses like a man

    so that makes me

    aud.usd long
    eur.aud short
    eur.cad short
    eur.gbp short
    gbp.usd long
    usd.cad short (this one is the problem)

    avoid jpy, it's got it's own deal going

    not sure how I wil trade it

    other than adding to winners (maybe, probably to losers)

    and getting back even

    had a dream

    adding to winners was good for me in the dream

    so I'm going to focus more on adding to winners

    the funny thing is, you think I'm kidding
  2. Largest notional exposure is short EURAUD:

  3. I know that aud.usd is sure acting like it wants to go to 0800 (or parity), not sure which will come first

    short eur.aud was my bread and butter all last summer

    you know what they say about lightning striking twice

    thanks for the warning

    I'll be careful
  4. well, that was nice

    I think I tried this before

    man it's bad when that eur moves against you

    I'm still 1:1:1:1:1:1

    might just stay that way

    at anyrate, all the move today was in the eur

    usd is just sitting there
  5. so I'm flat now

    I've been doing this long enough to know when they offer you that kind of profit

    just take it, you can sort it all out in the mix

    so yeah, I like getting back in here, short eur/short usd

    at this point, doesn't take much brains

    just try to buy a dip or sell a rally

    later, maybe it will develope into something
  6. Given DX contracts are heavily weighted with Euro.. and I'm not sure of any Euro currency index that's not heavily weighted against the dollar... how are you visualizing or pricing out what a 'dip' or peek is on a short EUR and short USD directional trend? Just monitoring the individual pairs involved in your legs?

    I know a lot of traders who build out custom indexes with their own weightings to chart their baskets, though I'm not aware of any software for TWS that does it.. just some metatrader stuff.
  7. well first time out, I just put them on all together at the same time

    now I'm legging back in

    like right now, the only thing that got hit was long gbp.usd and I won't add to that until I get everything else back on
  8. and I got filled on some long aud.usd at 545

    it's really a mentally stress free way of trading

    I know I am a seller of the eur, just looking for what I think is a better than average price

    doesn't have to be the high, just better than what it has been going for

    and right now, now matter how good a price you give me on gbp.usd, not interested, already have some
  9. and some short eur.aud at 2610
  10. and some short eur.cad at 3124
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