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    where in the world can u find up to date data on short positions in different stocks. any info would be appreciated. thanks
  2. Try yahoo finance, profile page for the stock of interest. Here's microsoft, for example:

    Short interest info is toward the bottom.
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    AFAIK the only up to date data is available to institutions and not the public. The exchanges provide delayed data that can be as old as a month or more.
  4. Banjo

    Notice the publication dates at the bottom. Short int #'s are always almost a mo. old. Only dealers ( market makers or specialist) have this info in a timely manner. They are only required to report once a mo. Since the specialist has the whole book he has total knowledge of short int. in a stock. Market makers only know what their particular firm has sold short. Nice little edge at any given time.
  5. well, we pay our damn increased SEC fees too, wheres our short interest info???
    i call shenanigans.....
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    Schaeffer Research have short interest ratios.