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    was it not just last week he told people to go out buy buy buy. he said he new stocks were overvalued,and that the market had been trading wacky, unlike in the days at his "hedge fund" . to "the old greybeards shi-grin. but who cares about valuations,just buy".
    with that said look at the four horsemen. yes they may eventullay go higher, but way to call the shortterm\longterm high then they get murdered.
    to his credit he said wait to buy rimm. but anybody can hit a bullseye if you throw enough darts.
    so is it a short when cramer says buy? nastech comes to mind.

    fell free to give some his worst picks he has ever made.
  2. Oh, but there are so many, though NSTK has to be one of his worst calls ever. For many many months he has been telling everyone to get out all of their smaller cap biotechs to buy this dog. This has to have hurt a lot of people (if any one actually follows his advice anymore).

    Some other doozies....

    "Stock of the Year" LVLT---- down over 50%

    or a more recent pick

    ALGN--- down over 40%
  3. Take a look at his calls "that could make you some huge money in 2006"....

    His #1 prediction for 2006 was.....


    Uhhh, just missed on that one....GM was the best performing stock in the DOW for 2006.

    He also pitched 6 or 7 takeover/merger deals. Sadly, even with the M&A frenzy over the past 2 years, not a single one of his stocks were involved in any of them.

    The guy is just not a good stock picker. Plain and simple.

    P.S.-- His "stock of the year for 2007" is NYX which is down about 8% right now...but at one point was down almost 30% for the year!!!
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    I might be wrong on this, but along with LVLT wasn't RAD one of his top picks of the year? It started out '07 on a tear and has since fallen apart.