Short Covery Rally in the morning

Discussion in 'Trading' started by exce26, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. exce26


    Vicious Short covery rally is gonin on this morning
    60% of volume belongs to decline volume which tells me this rally is tough to stay for a long time.
    Good luck out there!
  2. Greenspan is in the house.
  3. its just an intraday rally at this point. But, I'm looking for a bottoming pattern to form in the area of 7500.


    Some shorts are covering in case the Fed makes a move.
  5. How do you know 60% volume is decline volume? Thanks.
  6. exce26


    Check Tomorrow Wallstreet!
  7. exce26


    It is very vicious & straight up rally which gives very skeptical impression. A lot of headgefunds were freaked out & try to cover their shorts. Let's see how it goes......
  8. shyhh


    nice rally, hope this 1 for real :)
  9. nothing like a 9ish% rally in the Dow futures from the overnite lows.

  10. This market isn't going to rally because of an event. Its a process. There is no one day that is going to mark the start of a bright new day and the end to this bear market. But it always makes me smile to hear that kind of optimism....... ;-)
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