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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Beer Man, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    its 1:15 on thur. and im seing MAJOR short covering going down.
    spx.x 856 mark it !
  2. we're waiting....
  3. We MIGHT see some support around the 848 to 850 area. Again, MIGHT.
  4. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    is .618 back from n lows to q highs...Im still seeing it in the banks
    for size
  5. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    skinned for saying it here....weve reached a interim low
  6. Who knows, we will see if it holds, but I did have a strong expectation based upon my methodology that we were going to see a bounce here.
  7. Minime


    These small range days are tough on 1-2 trade a day people. We've taken out the HOD, now the LOD, and we are fighting back up again. I guess every methodology has its darkside. :) I'm betting on the market finishing down.
  8. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    How about 400 trades a day?
  9. MVP


    short the rallies for now...
  10. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    what does mvp stand for?
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