Short Cotton

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  1. Never traded cotton before so unlike my other trade this is just sim, I have two zones


  2. S2007S


    Yea another historical high

    Up over 100% last year

    Up over 50% YTD

    That is infuckingsane, when this bubble goes Cotton will be back below $1.25

    BAL is above $116.00 right now up 5%!

    If you can time this bubble right you can make very good money, Im neither long or short.
  3. so far down over 9% since my call
  4. Cotton is down over 11% since it touched my zone looking to take off a small portion here
  5. update

    Cotton down over 14% since my call. Not one bit of heat on the play either
  6. Great call.. where is your target?
  7. 185-190

    but then i will hold on to the remaining 45-50% for a possible homerun
  8. 1) There never is with "sim" trading. :cool:
    2) The intra-day fluctuations would easily spook you when real money is involved. :eek:
  9. you can go check out my top call in the s and p

    I dont get spooked easy