Short Companies That Derive Heavy % of Rev from Processed Meats

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    Don't think this will be a passing thing. More and more parents are going to treat lunch meats, hot dogs and the other toxic crap these companies sell for kids lunches and such like they do cigarettes, especially since they are also proven to be highly carcinogenic.
  2. It's cheap, plentiful and will be on more tables and in lunch boxes, than previously imagined.
  3. 1) During bull markets, people eat steak and lobster
    2) During bear markets, people eat spam, hot dogs, head cheese, SlimJim's et al. :cool:
  4. Badoit


    Prices of Bacon, sausages, cooked ham etc.. were some of the larger downward contributions to CPI + RPI if you look though the data
  5. Less "meat", more "fillers" and water. :cool:
  6. More people in the UK or at least in the Southern UK are more aware of what goes into these products and you can see a subtle shift in types of processed meats in stores such as Sainsbury. We now seeing shot wild game in season in Tesco stores in the UK and its not really that expensive. Although people are hard up they are also ever more aware of what is going into their food.
  7. I am buying and eating filet mignon @ $4.98 @ Winco, whole in the bag, 3-4 pounds per strip.
  8. I am always glad to hear that more people are waking up.

    Elk and bison are both great.

    I'm not opposed to beef, either, as it has great flavor and texture, but I prefer humanely treated & slaughtered, organic, 100% grain fed.
  9. Unprocessed beef is great for you. I love filet.
  10. I am going long all companies that derive Heavy % of Rev from processed meats. Bunch of wannabe shortsellers. Amateurs who are about to be creamed by Cramer.
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