Short CL/Long NG ? (Dennis Gartman Reco)

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by trainee2006, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Dennis Gartman recommended this on FAST MONEY TV Show.
    Does this make sense as a trade?
    Is Dennis Gartman good?

    Any comments are appreciated!

  2. markus26


    I am not familiar with the trade but from people I know at large institutions Gartman is highly regarded for his market commentart/analysis. He writes a daily global market commentary newsletter that many institutions use to gauge the markets. From what I hear his service is not cheap but highly informative. I don't have any actual experience with his service so take this for what it is.

    This is the website, looks nice but doesn't really have too much info on it.

    Good Trading,

  3. risky as all fuck, but probably right...
    DG is the man...
  4. also, the margin for one spread (CL/NG) is about 12,000...
    which should tell you how risky it is...
  5. personally I think the trade is too risky now ...

    a month ago was the time to take the trade
  6. artis74


    that is a terrible trade. so many people have lost massive sums of money trying to trade this spread. people have done it 1:1, ratio'd and with options.

    it does not work, the crude v. mmbtu correlation has blown out so far that it isnt even worth looking at any more