Short CL @ $95.61

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by IRiskRunner, Nov 4, 2007.

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    dare to post a target?


  3. Bowgett


    Is it Oil or Colgate? :) and post stop loss while you are at it too :p
  4. CL = NYMEX Crude Oil (GLOBEX)

    Target = $15,000+ per contract

    I am a macro/position trader with plenty of $$$ to add so no hard stops
  5. Something worth taking note of

    Keep the powder dry as this corrupt US government and the worthless US banks (credit losers) might prop this shit into the 110 area

    It is not a coincidence that they are targeting Crude, the most liquid market in the world

    Crude longer term is going to settle around $40 to $70

    Stay tuned
  6. EIA data out at 9:30 CST, market expects are -1.0/-2.0 in crude, and slight builds in the products.
  7. S2007S


    if oil passes $100 today, probably around 10:31am expect the dow to drop 200+ if oil starts to trade back down to 95 expect the market to come back and rally. I think many are anticipating $100 oil today. The numbers at 10:30am feel more important today than most times before.
  8. Whatever comes out I would not be surprised it just gets ignored! Strong forces are at work here, but not for much longer and once this shit starts falling 1990/1991 drop will be mild in comparison
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    have you posted under a different username on ET?
  10. I am the risk runner (the only one) and the username may suggest just that
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