Short China Real Estate ETF?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by achilles28, May 25, 2010.

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    Know any?
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    There are some short China, but not one for specifically Chinese real estate.

    I believe it's YXI off the top of my head, that's the short China. The biggest holdings are in the financials.

    Just remember that China is very much not a free country. It's hard to bet on what will happen to the down side, because the government can pretty much do as they like. And in China, you can't go bankrupt. You pay, or you go to prison.
  3. There may be some Chinese stock index futures available to trade for foreigners. Be sure you understand all of the trade fees and costs. :cool:
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    So when Marc Faber predicts a big slowdown in Chinese construction, how does he get exposure?
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    try Direxion Daily China Bear 3X Shares (CZI) and eev ProShares UltraShort MSCI Emerg(NYSEArca: EEV). Its not just real estate but the whole china sector and emeriging market sector. They should make an etf just for Chinese real estate.
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    I just ran across TAO. Is that what you are looking for? It looks like it trades around 50K shares a day, so you should not have much trouble shorting it. And glancing at the chart, your timing looks pretty good. If you are patient, it could be a good short. Good luck.
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    there was an article in the economist a week ago.
    sell south korea and australia, copper, soybeans, crude oil, hutchison whampoa, hang seng china enterprise index, aussie dollar