Short CHF vs. Short Gold?

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  1. Under a scenario of a retreat in Gold, which one would be better to trade? Which one would start its move first: Gold or the Swiss Franc? Are there people around here who traded a bear leg in Gold or CHF who can share some of their experiences?
  2. GDX is up 3% today...why would you want to short?
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    How many stupid questions can one guy ask in a single day?
  4. I am short CHF.
  5. Can I clairfy this? Under your scenario you know gold is going down and you are assuming that CHF will also go down and you are asking which one would be better to be short?

    I would go with the one I know is going down, they are several scenarios that would cause gold to fall and the CHF might not.

  6. OP,

    check out EURSEK ...
  7. GLD is now at 154.20. I am thinking that sellers might be around the corner. Do you think it would go higher than say 2% without retreating? I would be interested to read your view point.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Is it well correlated to Gold? I am now following it, and it is not a smooth moving pair (like e/u for instance). Is it the exception or the rule for the usd/chf?
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    if u feel there is a correlation do both.
  10. You bring up a very good point, which one reason I started this thread! The initial thought came from Gold. I would be interested to read your viewpoint on both.
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