short carefully tomorrow on Mon

Discussion in 'Trading' started by madrid9, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. madrid9


    first things first, you shouldn't buy


    neither should you short you ass off

    me and my partners have analyzed the situation and yes it should go slightly lower but then in mid day or sooner will probably bounce back

    so what I will do is short little bit not much

    and needless to say I am day trader

    it is far superior to investing, ahem, if you know what you are doing
  2. noddyboy


    Are you talking about the US stock market?
  3. madrid9


    yes of course

    don't make me go USA USA !!!!

    ehehehe you uneducated yanks

    just kidding don't give me shit now :D
  4. madrid9


    was I right or was I right

    of course I was, maybe I should regularly post the future before it happens

    than again, this is my 10th nickname

    and as I recall, no one on ET would even be grateful so

    screw it.
  5. duard


    Not to be spiteful but what markets are you trading?

    Today's momentum was up.

    The S& P futures hit a low 3 pts below close Friday ( Just a weak probe down. Today was buy the dips all day)
  6. LT701


    was it due to a bounce off the 10 week moving average on the ES?

    that was the only timeframe i wasnt watching :(

    congrats however, that's exactly what happened