Short candidate: CAKE

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by J-Law, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. J-Law


    I not really a big equities trader, but I was flippin thru the channels, CNBC was doing their Fast Money program & they had the CEO for Cheesecake factory on the line.
    He had mentioned that they were engaging in a stock buyback program, but then went on to mention just a load of hooey of why the company had it's game together in light of the difficult environment.

    Let's just say he didnt really "sell the story" and couple that with
    fact that those restaurants are at the mall, middle class spender is short a lil extra cash for the overpriced casual upscale meal & especially when it costs you an arm & a leg for the suburbanite to fill up the SUV.

    Today the stock closed below the Jan 08 low of 18.20 to 17.76 on the daily chart.

    Get the feeling all the stock you could ever want @ lower levels.

    My 2c.
    Guys/Gals, do you do dilligence.
  2. dstod


    Agreed, this has nowhere to go but down.
  3. Nickvac


    In a slowing economy and rising feed and food costs I say cheesecake factory is donezo.