Short Britney now....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by coops, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. coops


    oh dear, oh dear....

    ditched by Pepsi, and now advertising....... a Toyota. Oh, the humiliation.

    I'm in Thailand, so was surprised to see her face on a newspaper ad for the Toyota Vios. You've never heard of it have you? Course not - it's the model BELOW the Corolla (now you know there even is one below it...). It's the local Asian cheap budget car....she even appears on billboards and movie cinema ads, Tv ads.... all promoting this tat..... poor girl.

  2. i hope playboy isn't far off
  3. Have you ever seen Britney naked? I have -- she's not all that. I had to ask her to put her clothes back on and leave.
  4. Monsoon


    dont lie
  5. here's a christmas present for all you guys..

    britney's nipple :D
  6. Most people would have seen right through it.
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  8. Aphie... you play with Barbie Dolls???

  9. Just the life-sized, blood sucking, "leak in my wallet", money-hoarding ones.
  10. I never heard before that there were blow-up Britney Dolls being sold in sex shops. I hope she didn't tucker you out.
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