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  1. Blu-ray's format victory is a hollow one.

    And it will be short lived.

    Kudos to an individual, Lucas Mearian, who has absolutely nailed the reasons why.

    "Blu-ray has won the format wars, pushing the competing HD-DVD out of the market for high-definition DVDs. But it is a hollow victory, according to Lucas Mearian of Computerworld, because, he argues, Blu-ray “will tank.”

    He cites four reasons. First, prices for Blu-ray DVD players will fall, but not by enough. Second, regular DVD players are nearly as good and much less expensive. Third, renting movies — either by mail or pay-per-view — is easier and cheaper than it used to be, and Blu-ray’s main market is sales, not rentals. And finally, downloading movies from the Internet and zapping them to set-top boxes, while a small part of the market, is poised to take off.
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    Did you bother putting a second thought into what you just posted?
    but it is a hollow one... because he argues it will tank? What?
    1. Who cares if they don't fall enough? They are left as the only HD provider... and if you haven't noticed, it will be the new format for the next 6-8+ years.
    2. Regular DVDs players are shit but that's subjective. This is some guy's opinion and you're talking to people who aren't adverse to risk and change.
    3. I wasn't aware that you couldn't rent blu-ray. Are they not discs? Are they available through netflix or am I seeing things?
    4. First the technology because our current technology is 'good enough' and now he's suggesting downloading movies will take off. Bluray knows they won't be around forever. That's how technology works. Everyone knows movies from the internet is the future, but the market for downloading movies (let alone high def) is not going to happen for years.

    Idiotic, mindless threads like this are the reason why I avoid this section of ET.
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    As opposed to the epitome of reason that is the rest of ET.
  4. microsoft thinks the future is in downloading and streaming, microsoft is fucked, America and hardly any other country except Japan, has the infrastructure to support broadband downloads at rates equal to Blu-Ray's

    plus many people (when they pay) like to have a hardcopy of their movies, even the movie industry isn't so happy with online distribution and sell of movies, to some degree it advocates P2P downloading
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    I agree with you for the most part. I know there will be a day where people will get tired of having 'media'.

    Can't predict the future, but I believe cell phones will become the standard for portable media and a media center for the house that stores all music/movies/games/pictures on a central server that can be accessed by any computer/tv/sound system/display in the house.
  6. A couple things. My wife bought an extremely expensive eight dvd set of the Planet Earthwith Sir David Attleborough and it did not work in my old dvd! What a waste and it was on sale to boot- NO RETURNS! No one told me it might not work on my DVD player. What a rip! Luckily under my bed I had a gift, an DVD recorder whatever that is and when hooked up it recognized the Planet Earth DVD's. Is that Blue RAy?

    Does blue ray have their own download system?

    I don't understand movie downloads at all, all I can say is the last time I checked all movie downloads were squished and compressed, the sound too!-- what a laughable disconnect between massive screens, HD reception and downloading movies! Until they can send a movie whole with no degrading of the visuals or sound and fast and let you keep it forever the VOD network will continue to be a shortable sham and Apple TV might be ok for lame reruns of tv shows but not for movies.

    BuyLow is a good man and I think he is making a good point- but the offending party is all the fakesters pretending to offer downloadable movies-- who in their right mind would pay all of this money for a home theater system and then import a bad resolution lousy sound shakey pic????? THE DVD SOLDIERS ON~ stoney