Short Big Mac

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  1. I'm short MCD right now. For technical and fundamental reasons.
    Target $ 18.
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    i'm short MCD cause i don't buy any of their dead cows.
  3. mmmmmmmm love those dead cows:p ....I may have a Big Mac today just to think of be serious a lot of our traders were talking about MCD this morning and now we are all making good money today so my burger will be On Mckiee Dee's today, thank you MCD!

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  4. So we are both making money, at least for today. :p
  5. I have been being "mentored" by one of our "better' traders here so I followed his lead, but I got in at 21.51, 21.54 and scaled out at 21.79 and 21.88 so I feel pretty good about that.....

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    Obviously you have not tried that new Mcgriddle breakfast sandwich. Sure, it will cause a heart attack eventually - but what a way to go.

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  8. Do you guys see the gap between $19 and $20?
    Guess what?

    I mean MCD is no highflyer, at least not anymore, maybe it was hot 20 years ago. Now it's an old dog, which had a really good upside move in the last 6 months.
    What I wanna say: What goes up, eventually comes...
  9. What is the fundamental reason? Huge turnaround story going on there right now.

    I bet is sees 25 before it sees 18.

    The stock in the Dow that has moved the most without supporting fundamentals is BA if you believe that note out of Deutsche this morning.
  10. Fundamental reasons:

    No growth in Europe and US.
    High P/E relative to growth.
    Very bad management.
    Lots of competition.
    Low margins.
    No vision.

    And most important:
    Analyst are bullish again and telling people to buy, or better strong buy MCD.
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