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  1. I wanted to get short AUD, EUR and USD.

    Have no opinion on JPY and want to avoid CHF

    the best I could come up with since I'm pretty neutral on CAD and GBP was

    short AUD/CAD

    short EUR/CAD

    long GBP/USD

    anybody have a better idea?

    not sure what the carry implications of all that will be
  2. Why go long GBP/USD? If your gonna go short with conviction then do it. Otherwise park ur butt on the bench.
  3. how do I get short USD?
  4. How long do you want to hold, or expect to? I like the CAD positions as the swap is mitigated. CAD has had a massive run and has reversed on the daily against the USD. I would not want to be long CAD here, especially if the SPX rolls over now that QE and Draghi is priced into the mkts.
  5. average hold is 8 days, but usually after I take a profit on the whole thing, I wait for a pullback and then put it on again.
  6. ah the heck with it. I took off the GBP.

    I'd like to get short the dollar longterm against something. My problem is, I don't really want to get long anything else. Already have a gold program, and not sure I want to get into trading DX. But that would probably be the way to go.
  7. OT,

    you get another gov't cheque you wanna to piss away in forex.........?

  8. I've been spread so long I just don't have the stomache for going back directional, so it's

    short audcad
    short eurcad
    long gbpcad
    long usdcad

    which creates

    long gbpaud
    short eurgbp
    short audusd
    short eurusd
  9. that was a good one. Man, that didn't take long.

    oh well, flat again

    anybody got any good ideas?
  10. Canned food and shotguns?
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