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  1. 492-510

    if we break 518, see you at 542

    This will not be a live trade, as I am contemplating ending stock plays and focusing strictly on Futures and Forex.

    First target would be the 440-450 area
  2. Good idea to stay away from stocks if you are going to continually try to short the strongest companies on earth in the middle of fundamental uptrends.

    You posted IBM at $184 was "too high" even after the earnings results were posted. I knew at that point something was missing in your experience, then you posted you were 23 yrs old and it all made sense. You simply haven't been around long enough.
  3. I shorted IBM at 194, got out at 178, and the rest at 192.

    Its part of the game, thats all. I short all companies on all time frames. I go long all companies on all time frames. Simple
  4. I guarantee you that in the next year you can't post a series of shorts on AAPL real time that make decent money as a group. There is no point in your thread, its very "Grand_Super_Cycle" like in its nature. The guy has a knack, he posts an "AAPL Crash" thread and the stock goes up 3% within hours of posting.

    I admit buying today at $491 isn't the best strategy, but here's the thing. Let's just say long at $491 sell at $550 with the provision to get out the day before next earnings regardless. Let's see how that off the cuff trade does even with a poorly timed entry. Can a mediocre effort long based on fundamentals outperform what you come up with ?
  5. Yes, shorting apple at 360 would have gotten you a 20% return. Its not impossible. I follow my strategy.

    I go long and short, if one short doesnt work out, i have another 4 that probably did.

    You seem to me more into telling people their calls are wrong than placing your own calls.
  6. I made some nice calls in the past but I just found most of the good ones were totally ignored. Like my idea to buy near month calls on Canadian banks into March earnings. One of the best calls by anyone on this site all year.

    In September 2010, I called a 15-20% rise in indexes by the spring. Ended up being more like 30%.

    So I stopped posting most of my calls, the latest was buy TSX at 11,660 in August. This reflected my opinion at the time, take a safer play after the correction it was guaranteed to go up eventually.

    Was I wrong to advise you to cover the IBM short at $184 ?
    I'd have recommended that to you pre-earnings but I wouldn't want to be accused of hindsight. Do I think IBM is going to $250 ? Yes. Would I take that trade ? No. So I won't post the call because risk/reward says its not worth it, a fairly capital intensive trade.
  7. Great conviction lol
  8. I got my target out of that IBM trade, i was happy and allowed the rest to run. Its part of my strategy, and one I am extremely pleased with. I wont change it for anyone.

    A lot of people told me my long on LNKD was terrible, an almost 50% return, or my call on grpn, a 60% in a couple of months.

    I gained money on IBM, thats all that matters to me.
  9. Buy at $491, sell at $550 was a successful trade. Point made.
  10. Just to be clear, the numbers I quoted were significant.

    it broke through the first zone, yes. However, the second zone (542) immediately shot it down to 516 in a couple of days. What stopped the free for fall? well my first zone! As is often the case, R turn to S and S to R. So buying at my first zone would have netted you a nice return.

    While it did not produce the fall I would have liked, you def did not lose money trading off of those 2 zones.

    P.s. where was that strange print off bats? oh yes, 542, I told you 542 would be significant ;)
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