Short AAPL

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by GlobalFinancier, May 19, 2006.

  1. Break below right shoulder on inverted H&S, bearish on market.
  2. I'm going to have to disagree with you, GF. I think the market has bottomed here short-term and people are going to be looking to get back into companies that have a good business and make money like AAPL.

    The SP500 and AAPL are both likely to bounce off of their 200 day moving averages. I'm also looking at candesticks, bollinger bands and a few of my own indicators.

    I'm not sure how high AAPL will go but I'd be buying it here.
  3. phatryde


    isn't the best time to buy a stock when you notice the uptrend? Its like gambling blind if you buy just because you feel the stock is at a bargain price. I'd like some feedback because i'm trying to understand .
  4. Yeah, the market will bounce short term, AAPL too, but I'll stick with my bearish prediction... stop will be in place
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    I personally think that the time to short Apple was a few months ago. Stock has tended to bottom out during the summer and move upwards during fall/winter due to iPod speculation, I'm not sure that this year will be all that different.

    The launch of the new Macbooks should be a positive for the summer quarter as well. I would argue that Apple is executing quite well with their Intel transition, Pro desktops shouldn't be too far away.
  6. GF, your short's not looking too bad today. I still wouldn't short it myself but things have been going your way the last couple of points.
  7. looks like $60 is gonna be taken out imo.
  8. *nvm wrong chart

    but I do think you will see it get back to the neckline
  9. It's too weak in a strengthening market. Fall below head will be continuation.
  10. good point - looks like another bad call on my part
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