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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by 4XIS4U, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Just did before IB runs out of shares...

    opinions ?
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    Volume is really only a tell on new highs. This is just chop off the highs. I've been short AAPL a few times since February. IMO it's pretty resilliant given the sloppiness of most every other tech name. There seems to be value in the shares. All those people who were called nuts when they said the Ipod would drive growth of Macs are looking savvy. Mac sales are strong and that music download residual puts nice cash flow in the bank everyday.

    Personally I think equities are vulnerable to more selling pressure and that being the case I don't see AAPL ramping. But by the same token there's scores, hell thousands of better shorts out there.
  3. empee


    ive been shorting aapl as well, having trouble getting a good "mount":

    shorted 42.80 stopped breakeven
    shorted 42.19 covered 40.90
    shorted 40.89 stopped 41.50 (overnight gap squeeze)

    shorted 41.95 yesterday (overnight squeezed) stopped 42.63

    shorted 42.55 again today.

    Looking for inital leans to 39.50 area
    just need a down oscillation to get things going,

    oh yeah originallly started trading aapl last week on the long side stopped -.04 at that 42.80 level, thats a tuff tuff level for aapl to crack for some reason, but I reversed to short side since it so weak.

    Whats interesting is that the public is driving the price up but the institutions are selling, look at the afterhours premarket ramps and the dumping into it when the market opens. AAPL looks alot strong when you only look at the 100 share trades.

    IMHO I think this means that trend goes with momentum, meaning I think the trend for aapl is up but everytime they try to get it the shorts come in and reverse the momentum back down. If the shorts do this long enuff trend will reverse down , thus trend eventually goes with momentum.

    its tricky now cause I think momentum is down and trend is still up but dwindling.

    i used 52.50 puts instead of the stock outright btw

    good luck!
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  5. bawr


    Shorting a successful company is, in general, a bad idea.
  6. way to bring up the old thread without even looking to see if the trade worked. he posted when aapl was around 42.50. it looks like it ran up to a high of 44.45 a couple days later on 4/8 and then to a low of 33.11 on 5/11.

    who is the idiot now? you for bringing this up without having a clue how the trade worked? or him for find a great trade?