short AAPL pop

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by trader198, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. this week is awesome, shorted AAPL monday in the opening. covered it at 525. of course not the stocks, 595/590/585 puts.

    I was watching the 595~605 price. this is an overhead supply. one company who bought AAPL by a rogue trader above 610 got crushed, even in chapter 11, seek outside help, just like KCG.

    it will be back and forth a while. to my experience, at least three times.
    I am holding 300shares of AAPL short sale (shorted from 680 to 600). it will break down 500. based on William o'neil, most likely three months after topped.

    any pop over 50days ema is a good short, be patient. at this moment, bullish is still there, suckers tons of untill those suckers washed out

    wee, slide, then 400, then 300....
  2. wee ..... again
  3. Could you expand on it? I may have read something to that effect in a book of his (maybe about short selling?)
  4. don't you mean oink oink

    you are just SO SMART

    Happy Holidays sport... maybe you can live forever with all the bucks you make on AAPL