Short AAPL $632 I got 'em

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Uncle_Ho, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Short at $632, a little over half of my cash on hand. Target $600-. Time frame 1-2 months.

    Into the fray.
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    2550 invested in puts again?

    Another playa move.
  3. I think his sim-trade raised vol by 200bp.
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    Ha. I saw his sim trade cited on all the options commentary.

    Remember, he's a playa. Racked up a 40% gain once on a put trade.
  5. what changed since the 1% move? i don't get it and that's not saying you can't get lucky and make money on it. its at a high and the market is bull. the spreads on $600 options are very rough. if you put the statement on the last trade up people won't think your a sim's trader.
  6. Won't know anything about this until monday, so between now and Tuesday this may make something, but by wednesday this won't have worked and Apple will be breaking $640.
  7. =============
    Nice pullback, Uncle ;
    @$199 area:D

    Two ways to look @ the outcome of that short on a strong uptrend. If you win, it could be harmful;
    because then some may conclude the key to sucess is to short early the strongest uptrends.

    Actualy i see some logic in what you are doing with the time frame of 1-2 months stop. And if AAPL was an average uptrend i may say sell in may /away. But its much stronger than average.

    I do like your trade better than the gent who sold [to open a position]90 calls;
    much earlier in the AAPL uptrend

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    I would short by buying dotm puts 2-4 months out only when pe hits ~21 or stock price ~735.......this would have to happen fairly quickly though.
  9. It's a newbie mistake to expect that kind of multiple expansion, because by then current earnings will be 50% higher, and the forward PE currently at 10 at $630 means a multiple of 21 equates to 21*$63/share=$1,323.
  10. Why is it that everyone blabs about the trend is your friend, yet when there is a strong uptrend invariably everyone wants to short it?

    Oh, mysteries of trading :D
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