Short AAPL $620 I got 'em

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Uncle_Ho, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I'll let you know where I exit, I see prices trading 550-570 next month in a broad market semi-correction.

    I havent touched AAPL since it was a bit above $200.

    I'm a trader, not an investor.

    Half of my cash on hand is on this, 1st and only entry short about $619
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    Silly wabbit!

    No market correction will be allowed(at least until elections)
    Ben confirmed it 2 days ago.
    How many time does he has to keep guaranteeing it until it sinks with you people!

    Apple to 1000!
  5. I'm a professional trader. That means all of my sole income comes from TRADING stocks, options, commodities, currencies, and financials.

    People on this forum who call bs on any trade, real or fake, are trash.

    They would be trading if they were any good, not trolling forums saying this trade is fake and this trade is real, you think people care about your opinion when they write. NO

    They care about trades! Real or fake. At least I put a profit potential down DBs
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  6. Uncle Ho I'll take the other side of that trade!
  7. I like short from 620, but you have earnings in APR and nobody would be dumb enough to dump half the account short the stock into earnings. I call BS.
  8. lol half your account consists of one AAPL put? $5k? Professional?!
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    really? why not? does it look like it is going to rise another 100% after the earnings announcement?
  10. No, but looking for a big move into the number? This could easily trade 635. I like short to 609, but a short into earnings is nuts.
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